Refugee Story – comment

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Eslam AL Hamdan wrote:

A lot of people they asked me about the preference Refugee Story what I want to say and what is our message ?

First I’m really sorry for making people sad and cry but this is a little from our truth !! And our message to tell that we are humans and our country was beautiful and life was happy

We running from our country because of the war and murder for saving our life and find a new future for the kids

No one comes here for fun or for a living free, but after that nearby countries closed their borders we did not find another solution. The only solution it was the sea to Europe.

Refugees from different countries And they have different cultures
All of these cultures different from Swedish culture

We respect the Swedish cultures
We respect and love Sweden and the Swedish people
Because they very NICE people. With time we can understand each other, but always tried to talk to and ask try to be close to not build your thoughts from afar tried approaching without fear

We are in our team more than 30 person between boys and girls Youth and kids and we are from different countries. Sweden . Albania. Syria . Afghanistan. Iraq. Somalia. Palestine. Poland. And we are of different religions. And from different cultures. But in the end we are one big family. We love each other and share each other happiness and sadness
Because we talk and understand each other.

And because we always forgive
And we care about each other
We are already very big and beautiful family between the refugees and the Swedish And I hope that our team will be the biggest example in Sweden.

I wish you all happiness and success.
And what do you think my friends ?

Admin wrote: The show Refugee Story from which you can see an extract here has now been performed at different places. Upcoming performances are in Norrköping 21 April, Mjölby 28 April and Ödeshog 29 April. If you want to get in touch with the author about upcoming events, please leave a comment below.

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