We had to find a way of rescuing our lives

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Daniel Kamau wrote:

I am Daniel Kamau from Kenya and the reason why I came here is because I was born with something in me, a strange feeling that made me feel different. A feeling that made me hate myself before I understood who I am. A feeling that makes me admire men and feel more comfortable with them.

And when my family discovered this, I went through rejection and was physically punished and warned never to do such a thing again and my Dad swore if i do it again he will waste my life.

After this punishment, my Mum brought priest at our home to pray for me so that the demons will leave me.
They prayed for me several times and they even washed me and forced me to drink maji matakatifu (clean water that is prayed for). The water that when you drink it, they believe that it clean your sins. I drunk that water and did everything that they requested me to do, but nothing changed in me.

So I still continued having affairs until I finished my school. And that when we were caught in public.
The mob wanted to kill us just because my desires are not their desires and also because it is written in the Bible that it is a sin for a man to have affairs with another man and also for a woman to have affairs
with another woman and also because it is against our traditions and values.

We were lucky me and my boyfriend that when this mob wanted to kill us, the police came and rescued us from dying. But on the other hand, we were left with one choice, either to go to jail for 14 years or to bribe the police as they demanded from us in order for them to leave us.
So we gave them what we had and so we were freed.

And after that, since our lives were in danger, we had to find a way of rescuing our own lives and the only
option was to leave the country to a safe place.
I am glad am here, a place where i am  free to live my own life freely without fear.

People of Sweden, there in Kenya there is no freedom and people are suffering.  I found my freedom here but the government of Sweden wants to make difficult for us here,  instead of trying to find proper ways of fighting with the problems that bring us here.

So I would like the government of Sweden to try and work together with the organisations that are ready
to go out there to fight with these problems that brings us here. And I strongly believe that by doing so, our sisters and brothers will have freedom too like others.

Thank you.

daniel_kamau_2This blog is made from the speech Daniel Kamau held at a manifestation in Stockholm April 23.

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