The Peoples Campaign for the Right to Asylum / Petition

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Refugees and migrants should not be prevented from reaching Sweden.
Families should be able to reunite without having to risk their lives to do so.
This is why we protest against the carrier’s liability and all other forms of legislative obstacles to family reunification!

People in need of protection should be able to feel safe in Sweden.
Children must be received with care and be given hope of a better future ahead.
This is why we protest against temporary residence permits and all other actions restricting the right to asylum or conflicting with the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

This campaign is over. The Swedish Parliament has made a decision on the Government's proposal.
All those involved are invited to continue the struggle for the right of asylum in other forms.
The groups who participated in the campaign will be invited for a consultation this autumn.
The above petition was launched January 3rd 2016. 68150 people supported the petition by signing this website or a paper list. In addition, the petition was supported by 160 organisations.

On June 15, 2016, the petition was handed over to some of the Parliamentary parties’ migration policy spokespersons, by representatives from several of the initiators and national organisations behind the campaign. 

On June 21, Parliament voted - despite massive criticism from commentators and experts - for a temporary law that limits the ability to obtain a residence permit in Sweden ID checks and carrier responsibility in order to prevent asylum seekers from reaching Sweden were introduced at the beginning of the year. 

The People's Campaign for the Right of Asylum did not achieve its aim to prevent these actions. But during the campaign, more and more people in Sweden have become aware of how the measures affect people seeking protection and how the EU countries are closing their borders to asylum seekers.

We thank all of you who helped with the practical information needed in a campaign, everyone who contributed letters and articles, all of you who made movies, pods, wrote poems, songs and plays, all of you who drew attention to the right to asylum in street protests, all of you who supported us with cries of encouragement and especially all of you who shared your experiences! You have been amazing!
En ring av personer som sträcker händerna i luften. Inuti cirkeln står personer i orangea flytvästar.Foto: Mikael Holbek

During the campaign, new contacts have been made between asylum seekers, activists and people engaged in different ways. We will need each other when the temporary law is applied and its victims need support. We will also need to take advantage of the commitment created in this campaign and in many other organizations, to prevent the temporary law becoming permanent. 

Everyone who endorsed the petition is encouraged to join organisations that continue to work for asylum - for example, the initiators of this campaign. Several of these are organising meetings and courses during the summer. These organisations as well as local groups created under the name of People's Campaign for the Right of Asylum will be invited to a joint consultation this autumn. 

The Campaign is over - but the fight for the right of asylum continues!
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